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How To Tell Real Ostrich Leather

Sarah Sharpley
One big question most people wants to know before buying an ostrich leather wallet or handbag is "how to tell real ostrich leather".

The key characteristic of ostrich leather that separates genuine from a fake is the raised points found in the hide that creates a collection of small bumps.

Truth is there are many cheap imitations of ostrich leather on the market. Manufacturers replicate the bumpy texture by embossing indentations into the leather using a heavy rolling plate during the tanning process. You can spot imitation ostrich leather because the bumps are uniform and spaced equally.

Genuine Ostrich Leather is one of the most durable leathers available. It's filled with natural oils that ensure even after a long tanning process, this beautiful material never cracks.

I vital decision to make when it comes to the character and longevity of an ostrich leather wallet or handbag.