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Most Remarkable Leather Type

Sarah Sharpley

Ostrich leather is probably one of the most distinctive and unmistakable types of leathers – due to the raised bump pattern created from the quill follicles in the leather.


When exploring the various types of leather available in the market, one particular type of leather stands out conspicuously due to its unique characteristics and premium status. This is none other than ostrich leather, celebrated globally for its distinctively remarkable appearance and unrivaled quality.

What sets ostrich leather apart from other leathers is the distinctive, raised bump pattern that adorns its surface. These bumps are not random; they originate from the quill follicles present in the ostrich's skin. When the feathers are removed during processing, these follicles create an inherent pattern that becomes a defining characteristic of ostrich leather.

The bumps themselves vary in both density and size, contributing to the creation of a truly unique pattern on each piece of ostrich leather. These patterns, with their varying distributions of bumps, interspersed with smooth, supple areas, become a map of individuality for each ostrich leather product, making every item one of a kind.

The prime portion of the skin where these bumps are most densely located is the "crown". This is the area at the back of the ostrich, precisely where the neck meets the body. However, given that this is a relatively small area of the ostrich's overall skin, products made entirely from the "crown" leather are quite rare.

Amongst various sections of ostrich leather, the "full quill skin", which encompasses the entire skin of the bird, including the crown, is particularly sought after. It is considered to be the epitome of exoticism, sharing the podium with other unique and luxurious leathers, such as those derived from crocodiles, snakes, lizards, emus, and camels.

The processing of ostrich leather is a delicate and meticulous affair. It requires several stages of careful treatment, with each stage demanding considerable manual effort and precision. This painstaking process, combined with the distinctive characteristics of the leather itself, significantly contributes to the overall value and allure of ostrich leather products.

Its allure transcends borders, and it is recognized globally as a leather type that embodies a perfect blend of uniqueness, strength, and luxury. Indeed, ostrich leather holds a higher esteem in the world of fine craftsmanship than traditional bovine leather. Its exotic appeal, coupled with its durable yet supple characteristics, make it a more prized choice for those seeking to own an extraordinary piece of leather craftsmanship.