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Nguni Flecked Hide Cushion

Nguni Flecked Hide Cushion

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This Nguni Flecked Hide cushion are handcrafted from South Africa's indigenous Nguni cattle, a key component of traditional Zulu culture. No two cushions will be the same as they are made from genuine hides making them a truly unique gift or a luxurious addition to your home. Incredibly tactile, these cushions are made from a pure Nguni hide with one-side being from the distinctive flecked fur and the other, from black Nguni suede. These cushions come filled and feature a subtle zip fastening.

Ethically sourced, these fur cushions are handcrafted from the finest Nguni hides and support small, fair-trade enterprises in the Karoo region of South Africa. Available in square (40x40cm) and oblong (40x30cm).

Please note that each cushion will vary slightly in pattern from the product images. 

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