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Ostrich Feather Duster

Ostrich Feather Duster

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If you deal in Ostrich it is fitting that you should deliver the best Ostrich feather duster available. Ostrich feathers have many properties which make them the best feather dusters on the market. As they have an innate static charge they will attract and hold dust rather than move it, the barbs of the feathers are loose so that they are flexible, allowing the duster to reach many an inaccessible area and finally the feathers are incredibly gentle, making them suited for delicate collectibles, plants and chandeliers! 
Small - 39 cm expands to 55 cm.
Large - 82 cm expands to 132 cm.
Small - Band B
Large - Band D

Made in South Africa from the finest black ostrich feathers in South Africa, these feather dusters will certainly help make cleaning less of a chore. Our ostrich feather dusters come in two lengths and are both extendable with the following dimensions.


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