Most Remarkable Leather Type

Ostrich leather is probably one of the most distinctive and unmistakable types of leathers – due to the raised bump pattern created from the quill follicles in the leather.

The bumps vary in density and size, thus creating a unique pattern along the leather with smooth areas in-between. The portion of the skin where these bumps occur is located at the back of the ostrich, where the neck meets the body – known as the “crown”.

As this is a relatively small area of ostrich skin, ostrich products are not made entirely from the “crown” leather. The “full quill skin” is the most sought-after leather of the ostrich and also considered to be the most exotic, sharing this status with the likes of crocodile, snake, lizard, emu and camel leather.

Ostrich leather is treated in a very particular way and needs to be processed several times. This manual process and intense effort add to the value of the leather. It is celebrated globally as distinctive, commercially strong, yet luxurious leather – lending itself to be more prized than bovine leather.

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